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Manadoob Program Orientation

Secret Connection Program
for Self-Esteem

"The Manadoob Ask-It Workbook is the perfect 'hands on' resource in the Manadoob Program for children. The combination of creative activities and gentle probes enables kids to apply the challenges faced by the characters in the Manadoob novel to the realities in their own lives. With guidance from the Manadoob, participants are taught skills that enhance their positive interactions with themselves, their families, their community and their larger world."
Dr. Barbara Boat, Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine,
Director, The Childhood Trust, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Advisory Committee
(listed in alphabetical order)

Cynthia Bathurst, Ph.D.
Principal Director,
Safe Humane Chicago.

Elizabeth Baronowski
Vice President of Educational
Outreach, Pasadena Humane
Society & SPCA, Board Member,
Association for Professional
Humane Educators (APHE)

Dr. Barbara Boat
Associate Professor,
Dept. of Psychiatry,
University of Cincinnati
College of Medicine,
Director, The Childhood Trust,
Cincinnati Children’s
Hospital Medical Center.

Dr. Aubrey Fine
Psychologist specializing
in children’s learning
development, attention
and behavioral difficulties
and works with animals
in his therapy sessions,
Professor of Education
at Cal Poly Pomona,
Author, Lecturer and
pioneer in the field
of animal-assisted therapy
and the human-animal bond.

Dr. Sandy Passmore
Manager Humane Education
Department, Best Friends
Animal Society, Co-Director
of the Animal Chaplaincy
Credential Program at
Emerson Theological Institute.

Eve S. Pearl, M.Ed.
Executive Director,
Council on Child Abuse
of Southern Ohio, Inc.

Althea Woods, M.Ed.
Bravo Award winner
for Excellence in Education,
Harvard educated
teacher and principal,
Los Angeles Unified
School District.
  What is The Manadoob Secret Connection Program to Enhance Self-Esteem?

The Manadoob Secret Connection Program to enhance self-esteem is an "edutainment" program for children. Parents, caregivers, teachers, tutors and college students are encouraged to work with the Manadoob Self-Esteem Program with the children in their lives and communities. We hope that as facilitators you will feel free to work at your own pace, allowing kids all the time they need to read, think, talk, dream and answer the questions thoughtfully. Our guided version of the Ask-It Workbook also allows children ages 7-12 to work at their own pace based on their ages, skills and needs.

For anyone interested in teaching or tutoring children, the Manadoob Secret Connection Program also provides curriculum opportunities in:

  Language Arts,
  Reading and Vocabulary,
  Social Science,
  Theatre Arts,
  eExperimental Activities
  Community Outreach.

What’s the Secret of The Manadoob Secret Connection Program?

What’s the Secret? We are all connected – each and every living thing! It takes us all to make the world go ‘round. And the Manadoob will help kids find out how they can:
Connect to Themselves – Connect to Others – Connect to the World.

Who are the Manadoob?

The Manadoob are an odd bunch of magical, misfit animals who will help kids discover that belief in themselves is the most important gift they can ever receive. They can face their fears and worries; be strong and successful; and achieve what they want in their lives. The Manadoob know that kids can do these things by developing:

  Kindness in their interactions with other beings and
  Social awareness of the community around them and the world at large.

What’s included in The Manadoob Secret Connection Program?

The Manadoob Secret Connection Program includes:

  Manadoob Book Set – including the Manadoob novel and the Guide to the Moobia Stones
  Hand-engraved Moobia Stones and their Moob-It pouch
  sadiki wristband and three Manadoob “I Believe” Charms
  The award-winning DVD, Kids & Animals – A Healing Partnership
  The Ask-It Workbook and cool crafts that all come in the Manadoob shoulder bag.
  Facilitator’s Guide

How do parents, caregivers and group facilitators use The Manadoob Secret Connection Program for Self-Esteem?

The Facilitator's Guide allows parents, caregivers, educators, therapists and college students the opportunity to work with The Manadoob Secret Connection Program for Self-Esteem with the children in their lives and in their community. The Manadoob Ask-It Workbook was created for children to work through along with the guidance of adult facilitators.

Each Chapter in the Ask-It Workbook is designed to build and grow self-esteem and social awareness in kids as they explore the Manadoob Program. There are no wrong answers. Each Chapter has specific goals that our expert Advisory Committee has identified to stimulate the growth of a child's self-awareness, self-empowerment, kindness and social consciousness. The program provides 28 chapters with over 80 lessons and activities that can be taught in a desired number of small group sessions, or as a part of the school curriculum for a quarter, semester or the entire school year. The program can be taught in one or two parts - we encourage you to make it your own.

The Manadoob Program is designed to be utilized in the way that best benefits the children you are working with.

Our goal:

To help children learn to believe in themselves. The Manadoob empower kids to do the right thing, accept themselves and others. How? By giving kids the gift of value-building in the form of educational play.

The Manadoob Secret Connection Program makes every effort to embrace our global community. The Manadoob celebrate diversity and inclusion, instilling a sense of belonging in all children. The Manadoob give voice to animals as the animals become teachers. Children/Pre-teens/Teens learn from the Manadoob animals and multicultural characters through the use of story, craft and imagination, while teens can also receive valuable life tools as they mentor and help younger kids with the the Secret Connection Program.


The Manadoob allow kids to think outside the box – to open their minds and express their thoughts, feelings and fears in a non-threatening environment. When helping kids through the Manadoob Program:

  Read with them;
  Respond to their questions;
  Ask them questions;
  Teach them; and
  Learn from them.

It is also valuable to go back to the workbook with the child in three months or more and repeat select exercises to see how attitudes and responses have changed.

Note: The Manadoob Program will promote open thoughts and conversation, so please remember to consult a professional for guidance if you do not feel comfortable with any subject being discussed. Remember to do as the Manadoob do – use language that includes all possible situations and enables kids to feel comfortable and accepted no matter what their circumstances.

If you have any questions about the Manadoob Secret Connection Program for Self-Esteem please contact us at We are happy to work with you to customize the Manadoob Program for your specific needs.

Please don’t feel limited by our guidelines and goals. Make it your own.

Sample workbook pages:
(Click on sample pages to enlarge)